30-9-2011: Matcon Australia ‘Open Day’ - FlexiBatch Micro the Star Attraction!

Matcon Pacific recently hosted their first ever "Open Day" event at their Guildford West facility in Sydney, showcasing the latest in Lean Powder Manufacturing Solutions. Presentations even as ‘Live’ demonstrations were carried out during the open day. Of course there was also a demonstration model of Arotechs Flexi-Batch Micro. Our fully automatic dosing installation for recipe formulation of minor and micro additions was even the Star attraction of this of this well attended event.


14-6-2011: Flexi-Batch Micro in interview Charles Lee (Managing Director Matcon) EuroBulkSystems.

In the magazine “EuroBulkSystems, the European journal for in-plant handling and processing of powders, granulates, pastes and liquids”, which appears once in the two months, is published an interview with the Managing Director of Matcon in the 2011 edition of March/April. In this interview you get an impression of the company Matcon. Matcon is a company which Arotech has an extensively partnership concerning our dosing machine. This article refers to the Flexi-Batch Micro/Micro dosing through in text and a picture.


9-3-2011: Second Flexi-Batch Micro for spice trade company “Freddy Hirsh” (South Africa)

After the installation of the first Flexi-Batch Micro in April 2010 by spice trade company “Freddy Hirsch” in South Africa, they have chosen for a second installation after there positive experience with the first installation. In March 2011 they’ve taken a second Flexi-Batch Micro in operation.

2-3-2010 | Flexi Batch / RotoRaptor “innovates further”

To increase the clean ability from the bottles from the Flexi Batch Micro it is now possible to choose for the “quick release” agitator system.
With this novelty it is literally possible to remove the agitator including the auger from the bottle in an instant. This allows that all parts can be thoroughly cleaned.

19-02-2010 | Flexi Batch micro

Following the recent merger with Matcon on February the 19th the first Flexi Batch Micro is transported to England. The installation will be also provided with “Allen Bradley” control and a security guard. Also an by Arotech supplied “storage rack” will be added, which has place for approximately twenty bottles with each an capacity of 60 litres. A Vacuum lifting system will ensure an ergonomic loading and substitution of the 60 Litres bottles.

After extensive testing the Flexi Batch Micro gets shipped to the customer were he should put into service into the mid of may.


Arotech is delighted to announce a cooperation between Arotech and Matcon regarding the automatic formulation machine.
Rotoraptor is distributed now worldwide by Matcon under the brand name “Flexi-Batch Micro – see following link to news release. http://www.matconibc.com/news/2009/flexibatchmicro.aspx
If you would like to enquire about the product please contact Matcon directly through their website www.matconibc.com.

05-03-2009 RotoRaptor junior demo on solids Antwerp March 24-25 2009

During the Solids exhibit in Antwerp our RotoRaptor Junior will be demonstrated at the Matcon stand (Nr.3006).


PDF map of exhibit: http://www.easyfairs.com/shows/498/Grondplan%202009%20Antwerpen.pdf

This testunit allows mobile testing and demonstrating for dosing purposes.

RotoRaptor Junior

20-08-2008 Searching for the “King” of dosing machines, the RotoRex. Check www.RotoRex.nl

Click here to visit the RotoRex website.

Rotoraptor article in the magazine “Limburg onderneemt (Limburg undertakes)” | 23-04-2008

Yesterday in the newspaper “De Limburger” the monthly edition add-on of “Limburg onderneemt” was publicized. Follow the written link below for the published article on page 25 of the magazine.

Successful introduction of the Rotoraptor at the “Bakkerijdagen (Bakery days)” | 05-03-2008

Last weekend the business introduction of the Rotoraptor at the Bakery Days was a fact.

Build on the successful formula of the dosing-machine the new Rotoraptor was presented last weekend at the “Bakery Days”

The Rotoraptor is the next step in evolution of the already proven technology of the dosing-machine. This evolvement is a result of several conversations with innovative bakers.

The Rotoraptor is compact accessible machine, which is a treat for the eyes. The machine’s silo’s are made of plastic and can easily be taken off for cleaning. Even the basic version has the ability to “Track & Trace” every step in the production process. This way you can fulfill any requirement to backtrack all used compounds. Of course the accuracy of the machine has not been changed, an accuracy of 2 gram can be achieved with the standard setting screws.

Arotech in Swalmen is marketing a small ingredient-dosing machine, called Rotoraptor. This installation is entirely developed in-house by Arotech. “In many companies the weighing and mixing the ingredients is done manually”, explains Noud Rovers from Arotech. This is a time consuming job with a high risk of inaccuracy and possible unhealthy consequences for the operator.

As of January 1st 2005 there are European laws for the traceability of food. The law states that not only the composition of every product must be known but also the individual ingredients must be tracable.
The existing machines on the market for dosing small ingredients are expensive, take up a lot of space and require a lot of maintenance. This is all history when using the Rotoraptor.

The rotoraptor dosing-machine requires limited floor space. For ten components you would require a floorspace of is 3,7 square meters. The height of the machine in this construction is then two meters.
Accuracy can be chosen freely. If required the accuracy can be set to one gram.
The Rotor raptos is available as a stand-alone concept, but is also extendible to provide a total concept for recipes.

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